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Bio-based Packaging

Bio-based packaging derive from non-petroleum biological resources. The Degradable bio-based material is called Green PE, which is made by the ethanol from sugarcane - which is renewable. It helps reducing the greenhouse gases

emissions and preserve the environment.

We have below option for our customer

The life cycle of oxo-biodegradable plastic is long. The product will last for many years if it is stored indoors.

Oxo-biodegradable plastic is reusable and recyclable.

Maintain the same properties and strength throughout the life of the product.

Oxo-biodegradable plastic will degrade in a landfill, and the process does not produce methane.

Oxo-Biodegradable plastics help conserve petroleum supplies.


Oxo-biodegradable plastic is made by blending a pro-degradant additive into the plastic during the extrusion process. The additive causes the molecular structure of plastic to break down when exposed to heat or sunlight. The plastic will eventually be in a state where it can be digested by microorganisms. At this point, the plastic will degrade at a faster rate until it has fully degraded into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.

Benefits of oxo-biodegradable plastics

The Degradable is fully Plant-based Packaging. Watch how it biodegrades

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