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As our clients succeed, so do we. Listening carefully, collaborating, and showing respect are the keys to our mutual success. We achieve our goals and exceed expectations by working together as a team.


Innovation motivates us to strive for excellence, take risks, encourage curiosity, learn from mistakes, and continually push our limits. 

Our commitment to innovation allows us to generate solutions for our customers and raise the bar - both within our organization and our field.


We Always treat our clients, suppliers, and colleagues with respect. On an internal level, that means fair wages, great benefits, and supportive workplace culture. To the outside world, this translates into transparent pricing, accurate shipping estimates, and unparalleled customer service.


Making the world a better place is what we are chasing for. Fully plant-based degradable packaging is just one step in the right direction. We strive to create a sustainable lifestyle by providing the highest quality, most environmentally sustainable alternatives to plastics. 

When it comes to environmental sustainability, we don’t mess around.

The Degradable vision is to be one of the world’s leading providers in the sustainable packaging industry


What is the difference between degradable, bio-degradable, and compostable?

Degradable – anything that can be broken down either biologically or chemically (every product).

Biodegradable – a product that can be broken down by bacteria and organisms. Compostable – a product can be broken down into natural elements without harming the environment.

What is The Degradable’s bio-based material?

The Degradable’s bio-based material is a material intentionally made from substances derived from living organisms and helped protect the earth’s resources. It contains biomass, and the material is natural, which completely separates us from regular plastics. Standard plastic is made from fossil fuel, but our bio-based material, for example, braskem, comes from sugar cane as the source.


Green PE  is as analternative to regular fossil-based polythene, offering the opportunity to improve your green credentials by using a material that is renewable, recyclable and sustainable without compromising on performance.

What are the advantages of using The Degradable plant-based pre-made packaging?

(1) The net bio-based content of Green PE packaging is more than 80%; the highest can reach 94%.

(2) Green PE raw materials made from sugarcane are colorless and tasteless; the finished product made with Green PE is the same as normal plastic in appearance and performance.

(3) Green PE plastic can be recycled with normal plastic and converted into renewable raw materials.

(4) Planting of sugar cane can absorb Co2.

(5) 1Kg of Green PE could reduce ~3kg of Co2 emission that mitigates the greenhouse effect.

What is the minimum order quantity for The Degradable packaging?

The minimum order quantity for The Degradable plant-based packaging is normally 10000 pieces per design. Please feel free to send us an inquiry!

Does The Degradable offer customer packaging?

We do OEM, customer send us design and we produce base on customer request.

How much does The Degradable plant-based packaging cost?

We price our products according to many different factors, including its thickness, application, printing, and size, so it is difficult to give an accurate answer for the cost of our packaging. Get in touch with us for more information regarding pricing if your brand is interested in compostable packaging.

The Degradable is born to create a sustainable lifestyle by providing the highest quality, most environmentally sustainable alternatives to plastics. With a wide range of fully plant-based pre-made packaging, we aim to improve environmental sustainability.

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