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Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solutions(PT2)

How can packaging be more sustainable?

With minimal modifications, packaging can become more sustainable. Most of the time, rethinking your packaging a little bit with the environment in mind is all that is necessary.

One of these is by using multi-use eco-friendly packaging. The packaging often only serves one more consumer use after being used for the first time, and it seldom ends up being recycled. The lifespan of the material can be extended and the chance that it will end up in a landfill is decreased by rethinking your packaging such that it serves many purposes. Additionally, it is the least expensive approach to start greening up your packaging. Additionally, by giving your packaging concepts and branding more thought, you can create a distinctive, one-of-a-kind unboxing experience that customers value and keep them coming back for more.

Recyclable Packaging


This packaging retailer specialises in post-delivery returnable envelopes. The packing can be returned and used again after the contents have arrived at their destination, extending their useful life. Although the range of products it may be used for is limited since it is only ideal for sending soft items, this is still a fantastic advancement in multi-use packing.

Coca-Cola Coke has served as an example for other large corporations looking to modify their practices and adopt a more sustainable mindset. They developed a method of converting the cardboard can packaging into a VR viewer that users could insert their phones into. How nice that they gave instructions for the separate parts so they could be put together quickly!

Using the less is more philosophy is another method to increase the sustainability of your packaging without making many changes. If you don't put any attention to the packaging design, it is meaningless to spend a lot of time and energy locating sustainable materials. Therefore, eliminating unused elements from your packaging design will save you time and money.

Biologically Based Packaging

Organics by Pangea soap bar

The use of a bar of soap itself is a considerably more environmentally friendly method of washing, hence their product represents sustainability. Additionally, by eliminating the need for plastic bottles intended for single use, their packaging adheres to their ecological ethos.

They have become even more environmentally conscious thanks to their packaging, which is comprised of recycled newspaper that is water-moulded into boxes. After serving their primary function, these become tree planters because seeds were put into the mould during construction. a very easy and inexpensive technique to increase sustainability.

Chromebook 11 by HP

This is a fantastic illustration of sustainable, minimal packaging. The product's style is reflected in the packaging. The case is streamlined, contemporary, and simple to open. Additionally, it is constructed of compostable pulp, which is an excellent choice for eco-friendly packaging.

Being creative and pushing the limits of what materials can be utilised for packaging is just one more method to make your packaging more sustainable. As we've already discussed, innovations in biodegradable packaging are leading with seaweed and mushroom products. Sustainable packaging options are now a reality because of developments in technology and research, which have altered our perceptions of conventional packaging.

Eco Packaging

Paper Bottled Water

This business has developed a substitute for single-use plastic bottles. Eight million tonnes of pollutants from plastic bottles end up cluttering our waterways and killing marine life. Companies like the Paper Water Bottle have leveraged contemporary ingenuity to create a life-saving alternative to plastic bottles, which can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade.

Doggy Poo Bags by Olive

We all know that dogs have a lot of bowel movements, yet between 20% and 30% of the river, contaminants are caused by dog faeces. Doggy bags are constructed of non-biodegradable plastic and take thousands of years to decompose. Olive has come up with a replacement. Olive has created 100% biodegradable bags made of GMO-free maize starch and vegetable oil since all responsible pet owners should pick up after their dogs .

Since these bags decompose in as little as 40 days, pet owners can now rest easy with this environmentally friendly alternative!

Making a sustainable packaging choice

By taking time to think about your packaging sustainability and how you can take small steps to improve the environmental impact it has, you're making the first steps. Small businesses will be concerned about the cost that these changes make incur. But by making small adjustments rather than using packing peanuts which can be costly and bad for the environment, why not use popcorn which can biodegrade? Or even swap out brand stickers or leaflets and try using potato stamps alongside natural dyes to brand your product packaging.

Or why not use your shredder to combine clearing your filing system with a useful way to protect products in transit? There are lots of ways to reuse old packaging and many ways you can reduce your carbon footprint in the process. But by conducting a little research into what sustainable material is best for your company you'll know whether you'll have to increase prices slightly.

Cutting costs is a must if you're going to spend a little more on packaging materials and that's where choosing the right shipping services comes in. Our discounted shipping solutions can save you money and time. Our shipping manager draws all of your order info into one place and makes it simple to run a smart, eco-aware business. Integrating with the likes of Shopify and WooCommerce our shipping integrations allow you to place regular orders with trusted and reliable courier services hassle-free.

Our partnership with DPD Local gives our customers access to a carbon-neutral delivery service, so you can go that extra mile (or they can) to give your customers peace of mind, knowing that their favourite businesses are eco-conscious!

Why is sustainable packaging important?

Sustainability is important because it shows your brand's commitment to caring for our environment. Fighting climate change puts us all on the front line so approaching and applying actions to combat it through small businesses is very important. It also shows the thought and cares you have put into your brand and your company's commitment to providing customers with quality products.

There are lots of opportunities to start being more sustainable with your packaging. Whether it's creating packaging with more than one use, rethinking traditional materials, or going for a minimalistic approach, you're paving the way to a more sustainable future for everyone.

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