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What are the green packaging options for eCommerce?

Packaging that is eco-friendly can be recycled, biodegraded, or even composted. It is ecologically beneficial since it is frequently manufactured from recycled materials or sustainable substitutes. We must take into account every link in the supply chain when thinking about environmentally responsible packaging. not simply the finished item.

As a package supplier, Springpack is conscious of its place in the field of eco-friendly packaging, which is continually changing. Five million tonnes of plastic are reportedly used annually in the UK. Plastic makes up over half of that packaging. We thus work to provide businesses options to lower that number.

We urge businesses to select eco-friendly packaging due to all the benefits it provides. That might mean cutting down on waste or increasing sustainability. Or even by inspiring their environmentally conscious clients to make purchases from them.

What is the Most Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Packaging that originates from renewable resources and is fully recyclable or biodegradable is the most environmentally friendly type. There are several types of environmentally friendly packaging, though. Eco-friendly packaging, for instance, can be biodegradable or composed entirely of recycled materials.

In the end, it will depend on the type of solution you need for your goods. Compostable packaging would be a great choice if you offer fresh food and beverages. In contrast, if you run an online store, employing recycled paper for void fill will be the best option.

What are Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials?

Sustainable resources are used to make eco-friendly packaging materials. They are quickly recyclable or naturally biodegrade. Eco-friendly packaging materials are now much more widely available and reasonably priced thanks to product innovation in recent years. Businesses must now absolutely source eco-friendly packaging materials.

Consumers who believe they would be prepared to pay extra for sustainable or eco-friendly items have increased to 57% globally in recent years, according to firms. You need to be aware of how packaging is evolving since customers are now holding companies accountable if they don't offer environmentally friendly solutions or at least demonstrate that they care about the environment.

Here are some of our most significant and cutting-edge environmentally friendly packaging options. Each item may easily take the place of any conventional plastic items you may be using.

1. Honeycomb Paper

The ideal replacement for conventional bubblewrap and foam is Activa Eco Honeycomb Paper. The paper wrapping provides the same security as bubblewrap and is completely recyclable and biodegradable.

This novel, entirely organic, environmentally friendly solution safeguards delicate goods during storage and transportation. It may be used to wrap odd shapes because of its flexibility. Ceramics and gifts make excellent wrapping materials. In addition, it provides a better finish than bubblewrap.

The 100% kraft paper's design allows it to be "stretched" to produce more useable paper. The paper takes on the form of a honeycomb when stretched. It may then interlock with itself to secure the goods thanks to this. There is no need for tape or adhesive.

You may save space by switching to Activa Eco Honeycomb Paper. You might save up to 80% of the space needed to keep this product when compared to a roll of bubble wrap.

Although the paper is readily damaged by harsh objects, we advise using the Activa Eco Honeycomb Paper Dispenser with it.

2. Biodegradable Gummed Paper Tape

Gummed Paper Tape is more durable and environmentally friendlier than regular packaging tape. It is also unbreakable. As a result, the final consumer may determine right away whether their shipment has been tampered with while in route. The tape is also excellent for giving your box a neat appearance.

We have gummed paper tape in both white and brown. You should coordinate the colour of your tape and box. As a standard, we have cardboard boxes in both white and brown. We can provide unique packaging options if you're seeking for certain colour combinations.

Using Gummed Paper Tape can improve the effectiveness of your packaging process when used in conjunction with a Paper Tape Dispenser. Our ordinary Gummed Paper Tape Rolls come in 200 m lengths, while our reinforced Gummed Paper Tape Rolls come in 100 m lengths.

3. Eco Pillow Film

An excellent environment-friendly substitute for conventional bubble wrap is eco pillow film. Blue Ocean Aeolos Eco Film is completely recyclable and made of 100% recycled material. This makes it the most environmentally friendly air cushion packing we have ever offered. The film is mostly used to cushion fragile things so they arrive completely undamaged.

The air pillows, often known as cushions, are easy to inflate. This negates the need to reserve expensive warehouse space for large objects like rolls of bubble wrap. Additionally provided without charge by Springpack are the equipment needed to fill the air cushions.

4. Paper Mailing Bags & Cardboard Boxes

Polythene mailing bags may be replaced with paper mailing bags, which is more ecologically friendly. They are completely devoid of plastic and built to withstand harm while in transportation.

It's important to have faith that your consumers will get your items securely. Both you and your consumers should care about it. Your bottom line will be immediately impacted by replacing and refunding damaged products. Split packaging may cause your items to tear or wear out, which will lead to unfavourable reviews. When closing the packing, the sturdy peel-and-seal closure offers a fasten that is secure.

An excellent substitute for polythene mailing bags is eco-friendly box packing. This is especially true for retailers who operate online. You may always send your goods as long as they fit within a letterbox-friendly box. even when your clients are not around.

You may trademark postal bags and cardboard boxes by printing on them. This enables you to provide your consumer base with an additional personal touch and fast recognition. To minimise space, cardboard cartons are stored flat-packed. Additionally, environmentally friendly paper mailing bags are simple to keep and have a 5-year shelf life.

5. Kraft Paper

Consumers are increasingly more attentive to every link in the supply chain. from the manner in which packaging is created through distribution and disposal. Customers that get their purchases in non-recyclable packaging may not be impressed. Recyclability is, after all, the most crucial consideration for clients who are concerned with sustainability.

Small presents and gadgets may all be wrapped with kraft paper. For those heavy-duty needs, it comes in 77gsm and 88gsm grades. Our Kraft Paper Rolls come in lengths of 200 m, 225 m, 265 m, 280 m, and 285 m. Everything is offered at a fantastic price to keep your packing procedure and expenditures in check.

Do Customers Care About Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Simply said, absolutely! Customers are inclined to move to a brand that is more ecologically friendly than their present brand, according to 61% of respondents. As a result, going for an eco-friendly option is good for the environment. Additionally, it's wonderful for your reputation and business.

A broad variety of environmentally friendly items are available from Degradable. These goods were creatively created to protect the environment without compromising on quality. It couldn't be simpler to get your eco-friendly packaging from Degradable. Putting together and making an order is straightforward with our eCommerce website.

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