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What does it cost to custom print my packaging?

Many businesses, both well-known and up-and-coming, are unsure about the price of creating unique packaging.

Due to this, companies frequently choose stock packaging, which doesn't always do their brand credit and harms their reputation.

Custom packaging serves the dual function of highlighting your brand and leaving a lasting impression on your target market.

With standard packaging that most of your rivals are probably also using, this is challenging to accomplish.

When it comes to custom packaging prices, there can be some mystery, especially if you are unfamiliar with the market and the variables that can effect your pricing.

In actuality, you are in control of the charges and may decide whether it will fit within your spending limit.

Establishing the type of goods you are selling would be the first step in figuring out the cost of your custom packaging.

This may include: Expensive Goods Cosmetics Food Electronics

or really anything!

Your options will be more limited and you'll have a better idea of what your costs will be if you know what industry your product will serve.

Among other things, this entails deciding how you will cater to your sector niche.

Making a distinction between packaging for e-commerce and retail will also have a significant impact on your price alternatives as these packaging solutions will be used for various purposes.

Additionally, the timing of your product launch will affect your expenses because some packaging options, like hard packaging, require more time and attention to make.

Once these variables have been established, you may begin evaluating the fundamental cost aspects for your bespoke packaging below.

The Price of the Finishes and Materials

The material and finish will be your first expense when estimating your custom packing costs.

When you calculate the prices for structural design and printing, this will reduce your possibilities.

There are numerous materials available in a range of prices. After all, the majority of your costs will go into purchasing and delivering your packing supplies.

Depending on how you plan to launch your product, you might want to choose more affordable packaging because it takes less time to make it.

The greatest strategy to maximise your bespoke packaging may not always be to choose the finest quality packaging materials.

You must differentiate between what you "desire" and what you "need."

Consider it this way: even if you might want an original Picasso on your wall, a printed imitation will do the same thing.

Finding a bespoke packaging firm that will reduce your costs and provide you the minimal order you require is therefore optimal if you own a small business.

There are numerous low-cost material solutions that will convey your brand's story just as effectively as the best packaging.

As was previously mentioned, the material and finish of your bespoke box will depend on the industry your product serves and how it does so.

After that is done, you must decide how much bespoke packaging is needed.

Larger boxes may also be cost-effective depending on the minimum order, but smaller boxes are often less expensive to manufacture and transport.

In general, the larger your order, the less you will pay per unit; specific materials, however, may not be cost-effective for modest orders.

Let's examine and compare the costs of your available material and finishing alternatives.

Remember: Manufacturers won't provide you advice on material optimization. Solution providers, however, will assist you with cost optimization based on your product requirements.


Because of its strength and affordability, corrugated remains the most secure alternative for custom packaging.

They are a more flexible option to take into account for your material choices because they are simple to construct, suitable for a wide range of items, and affordable to create.

For e-commerce companies, corrugated packaging is a popular choice because it is both affordable and sustainable to make.

Because of its dense texture, it supports heavy objects and provides the best protection for your more delicate goods.

Additionally, you have a wide range of finishing options to choose from with corrugated packaging.

These comprise Varnish.

Gloss varnish is advised for small to medium-sized corrugated projects to boost production effectiveness, produce a quicker turnaround time, and produce an overall cheaper unit cost.


Depending on how much of your budget you spend to each component of your project, a laminated coating might occasionally be expensive while still giving your box the best protection for your artwork.

Wax Finishes

Wax coats are inexpensive and resistant to grease and water. Only if you are packaging food or medical products might this covering be required. Remember that food and medications can be packaged properly without a wax coating because corrugated packaging is formed of organic components.

There are finishing alternatives for corrugated packing, but you are not required to choose one over the other; you can choose to choose none at all.

By using uncoated packaging, you can reduce the price of corrugated packaging.

Keep in mind that if your products are not particularly prone to breaking, corrugated packing may not be necessary.

Foldable Cart (White and Kraft)

For those trying to cut costs and for products that don't need a lot of support and protection, folding cartons are a great option.

Folding cartons are your best option if you want to pay minimal shipping charges because they are lightweight and enable you to send larger orders for less money.

When comparing your alternatives for bespoke packaging, keep in mind that kraft paperboard has a tendency to be slightly more expensive than SBS white paperboard.

Kraft is slightly more expensive than SBS white paperboard since it is created directly from the source, giving it its texture and feel.

SBS white paperboard is slightly cheaper since it is created from recycled paper that has been bleached.

A surface for high-quality printing and finishing is provided by the coating process of SBS white paperboard, allowing you to display your brand identity.

Despite being a more affordable option, folding cartons nonetheless give off a posh, high-end vibe because to its printing and finishing possibilities and, of course, your branding.

You may afford to pay a little on specialised finishes and coatings due to folding carton's adaptability and affordability.

These are only a few examples of the finishes: Lamination

Most people agree that laminated paperboard boxes are the highest quality, but because of their added protection, they are usually more expensive. Lamination is often preferred for long-term projects because of its durability and resistance to dust.

Semi-Gloss Finishing with UV & AQ

Consider low gloss AQ coating if you're seeking for a less expensive solution. AQ Semi-Gloss is a food-safe substitute because it is water-based.

Your folding carton expenses will be kept down by using Kraft and an AQ UV finish. To improve printing and artwork designs, you might choose white kraft because the price difference isn't too great.

Strong boxes

For those who want to spend a little more on their packaging, rigid is the best option.

Rigid boxes are your best choice if you're searching for something upscale and durable. Additionally, it is the most expensive choice available.

They are frequently used with luxury goods to enrich the client experience and give the packaging a premium sense.

Simply said, rigid packaging is hand-assembled and made of the thickest, highest-quality greyboard available.

Instead of printing a straightforward decline that enables you to fold your packaging appropriately, stiff packaging is made by manually glueing every edge and surface.

The design of your package is primarily to blame for this material's high cost. It also requires the longest production time.

Special finishes and coatings go together with luxurious packaging.

a matte coating

The most suggested coating for premium boxes is matte lamination. It imitates luxury while using very little of your funds.

Unique Coatings

You can also use special coatings if your budget simply allows you to invest in packaging design that calls for additional distinctive aspects.

Due to the additional expenses, these types of coatings are suggested for orders with a high volume. However, why not if money isn't an issue?

paper with texture

Debossed and Emblazoned

Pearlized finish

Stamped Glittered Reticulated Scented Foil

There are ways to lower your prices for rigid packaging, despite the fact that it is the most expensive packaging choice.

You can refocus your budget by choosing minimalist artwork designs to avoid paying for superfluous luxury packaging.

Additional Materials for Packaging

Let's also examine some additional packaging materials your products might require in order to prevent any unexpected charges for your packing.

Some products can require additional assistance, particularly when handling, shipping, or stocking.

Of course, your product and distribution strategy have a significant impact on this as well.

Box inserts are an affordable method to provide your products an extra layer of support and protection.

Your shipping and logistics play a significant part in increasing your final expenses, which is important to consider when estimating the cost of packaging design and the cost of custom boxes in general.

Your bespoke designs and packaging may make you feel like you're getting a great deal, but your logistics may rapidly make you think otherwise.

Because of this, it's crucial to think through your logistics and shipping before starting the manufacturing process.

You will be better able to determine how much it will cost to send packing after you have a plan in mind.

To choose the correct kind of box and printing for your budget, it's critical to consider custom packaging weight when determining expenses and the volume of custom packaging being produced.

You can get a quote to acquire a precise estimate for your packaging needs if you are unsure of how much package design and shipping will cost.

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