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Why are courier packaging bags so popular?

One of the most advantageous aspects of packing is the availability of several solutions. Rarely, if ever, will your project require only a single category of packaging material to choose from. But even with all of these options, certain packaging supplies are constantly at the top of the list. They are like the cream on top of your coffee. These kinds of bags are used for packaging courier shipments.

They have been the shipping mailers of choice for a large number of online retailers that sell a variety of goods, including apparel, jewellery, artwork, and more as a result of the extensive range of features, options, and benefits that they offer.

Have you ever pondered the reasons behind the immense popularity of courier packaging bags, commonly known as poly mailers and courier bags? Consider the reasons why.

Courier packaging bags are a great alternative to boxes

There are some goods that do not always have to be shipped in a box made of corrugated cardboard. Products that are already boxed or soft, such as clothing, already have the necessary protection built in, whereas items that are not already boxed, such as jewels, do not have this protection built in. Bags specifically designed for use as courier packaging are available.

When you don't require a box, they provide an excellent alternative to use as a shipping container. There is no requirement for you to provide protective void fill as long as you are delivering the appropriate materials (such as those that have previously been specified). Of course, you can continue to use it; but, in that case, you might want to think about using bubble poly mailers instead, which are carrier bags lined with bubble cushioning.

Courier bags are constructed from a durable substance called polyethene. Because of this, they are resistant to being ripped, punctured, tampered with, and exposed to dampness. It is easy to understand why they are such a popular choice for shipping options.

Courier packaging bags come in lots of styles

Like many packaging supplies, courier bags offer several useful variations:

  • Poly mailers are unlined inside and ideal for boxed items.

  • Bubble mailers are lined inside with protective bubble cushions.

  • Clear-view mailers display magazine and catalogue covers.

  • Coloured mailers provide an “unboxing” experience for your customers.

  • Expansion mailers feature a gusseted bottom to fit thicker products.

  • Long mailers are for shipping wallpaper, fabric and other flexible items.

  • Returnable mailers feature a second adhesive strip for easy customer returns.

  • Custom mailers can be printed with logos and other imagery.

Courier packaging bags are easy to pack and seal

Courier bags are sealed on three sides but have one open side, allowing for things to be put into the bag in a rapid and easy manner. Because of the strength and tensile nature of the polyethene material, courier bags may have their contents packed to capacity—even to the point of being overpacked—and still maintain their structure.

The best part is that, in contrast to when using corrugated boxes, packing tape is not required when using courier bags. Every mailer features a strip of glue that may be used to close it by itself. To establish a safe and tight closing, you need only to remove the liner, flip the flap over, and press it firmly against the mailer.

Customers have the ability to simply open the packaging without having to tear it up or cut it open with some courier packing bags because the bags come with a tear strip. The more recent options even come with a second strip that consumers may use to reseal the bag themselves, allowing them to reuse the courier bag for return delivery.

Courier packaging bags reduce shipping costs

The way your shipping costs are calculated has changed with the introduction of dimensional weight shipping charges. DIM weight calculates an estimated weight for a package based on its length, width, and height. The larger the package's actual weight or its dimensional weight will thereafter be invoiced to you.

That makes picking the appropriate shipping container crucial. You'll lose money if you put an undersized product in an enormous package. Because of this, courier packaging bags are a more affordable option than boxes.

You are less likely to ship bulky or heavy products in them because they take up less room (have a lower volumetric footprint). As a result, they frequently do not result in the dimensional weight overcharges that boxes sometimes do. Man, it seems like these folks are always giving us benefits.

Courier packaging bags can be printed on

Digital printing has made the world of custom packaging accessible to virtually every business, which is one of its best features. Even the tiniest firms may generate branded packaging for their customers' orders thanks to lower costs and lower order minimums.

Building your brand, showcasing your goods, and impressing your customers are all possible with bespoke mailers. A logo, a little creativity, and our online packaging designers are all you need.

You can easily add colours, logos, graphics, and text to your new mailers with a few clicks. Neither prior design experience nor access to pricey design software is required. We have your back.

It is simple to understand why courier packaging bags are so well-liked. You're sure to discover one that satisfies your shipping requirements among the various built-in functionality and stylistic possibilities. Visit our mailers category and look through the poly mailers department. What you decide to go with would be great to hear.

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